Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easy Cosplay Tip #101: Pulling from Stock (Maid costume)

"Pulling from Stock": A pulled costume is one that is taken out of a theatre company's stock from past productions. 
     Impressive cosplay is commonly associated with lots of costume design and sewing skills. So I feel like reusing old costumes/clothing items or "pulling from stock" is often looked down upon, considered cheating, unskilled, or under appreciated. However, the truth is- reusing old costumes/clothing is actually pretty effective. It's free, it already fits you/the cosplayer, even if you need to adjust it there's minimal new work required, it's not time consuming, and there's no disadvantages.
     So here are some tips for pulling costumes from your own stock. For example, I am making a maid costume for Fanime 2014 and here are my steps.

1. Look in stock first. The first place you should go to is your closet/armoire/old cosplay storage box/etc.
     -This is an apron from my Hungary cosplay- tada!

2. You can always always always adjust something.
      -See this dress?

       -I have used it for my Rania "Masquerade" cover (which, oops, still haven't uploaded) and another cosplay once. It's too long for a maid dress, but I can still do this.
Pretend this will be sewed.
        -And then you can get this:

        -That way it's shortened, but I can still let it down after the convention.

3. Still can't find something? Look everywhere else! Under your bed, your brother's closet, your mom's closet, your roommate's closet, etc. Trust me- there's going to be a hidden gem somewhere if you look hard enough.
        -On the left is my Starbucks uniform. On the right is a 80s skirt I stole borrowed from my mom. If you look close enough, putting them together will form a black dress and the apron would complete the maid look. No other work needed!
You may recognize the skirt from my Kirishima Kano cosplay.

Bonus: Accessories can be found anywhere too! You may have old cosplay ties or costume pieces and sometimes to can completely re-convert something. The black tie I have in this image below is actually a belt from a skirt that I've been using as a tie since the beginning of time.

In the end, I could wind up with something like these:
Ignore the messy room.
 They look fresh, they look clean, and all I had to do was hunt for the right clothing and do minimal adjustments (on only 1 item!). Some of my other old cosplays have been completed in a similar fashion too: Lulu Bell from D.Gray-man, half of Kirishima Kano from AirTV, and half of Ringo Noyamano from Air Gear.

Of course, there are other common cheap methods of acquiring cosplay items (like thrift stores) but, let's be real, pulling is the cheapest and most on-call method there is. So good luck pulling and have fun!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Infinite's New Subunit... Infinite-F

So, during Infinite's One Great Step Returns concert on February 28th and March 1st, 2014, they revealed an interesting surprise to us- the debut of Infinite F(ace/flower), a Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Sungjong subunit! (Should've been Infinite-M for maknae line).

I’m mega happy that Infinite’s maknae line finally gets a chance to shine by themselves officially. Sort of. However, much like Woohyun/Key’s subunit ToHeart, I feel like this is another Donghae/Eunhyuk subunit that’s just for fanservice and fun. (Minus the talent that ToHeart will have).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

RESA IN PUBLIC: Blindfolded Bus Bombing

Do Not Try This At Home. (Or without practicing)

For this week's Resa In Public:
1. On a moving bus subway
2. Blindfolded (in front of tons of passengers)
3. Broke my practice record of 10 minutes.

I decided to expand my idea of just sketching in public, to a catch-all for random public "stunts". So I googled some random ties (double-column tie and two-column weave in this video) to incorporate. Fun times!
Some particularly awesome reactions as reported by my cameraperson:
  • Blonde-hair-dyed lady sitting on my right looked disgusted when i started recording and moved seats
  • Old man sitting next to my cameraperson was mortified and couldn't stop staring
  • Everyone else had their head down but looking up with their eyes occasionally

Monday, February 10, 2014

RESA IN PUBLIC- Public Sketching on Muni 38L Bus


Now I'm going to start stalking people in public and drawing them. Yuups.
Music by The Sounds of Noisy Passengers.
I will upload a new one each week!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Get A Split- Limbering exercises

(Pictures to be added)
So these stretches were super effective and helpful to be in getting into a split. And I feel like they can help you at any age (though I wouldn't recommend it if you have arthritis/other serious muscle problems). There's no guarantee of how long it'll take you to be able to get into a split, but no matter how flexible you already are, it's going to take a while. It doesn't matter what order you do them in.
  • Ankle on the knee
  • Butterfly
  • Calf stretch against the wall (facing forward pushing w/ hands, sideways with leg on the wall, etc)
  • Dancer's stretch (sitting leg over flat leg and body twisted with arm over other)
  • Seated calf and hamstring stretches (legs apart + toe touch each leg and center, body roll into center, one leg bent and toe touch each leg+switch, legs bent into z and hold)
  • Squats
  • Side squat combination (all upright- one leg bent forward one leg back, straighten forward leg bend down toe touch, bend down touch center, sitting squat, bend down in squat with one leg out, turn and bend forward leg the other leg straight back, straighten forward leg... continue)
  • Toe touches
  • Wall stretches- do this one last (lie on your back and press butt onto wall with legs straight up, slowly spread apart until as far as you can go, let gravity continue stretching, when ready turn to the side and try to push down into a side split against the wall, when ready flip over and turn to the other side)
Of course this is not conclusive, but they certainly helped me. I'll probably upload an accompanying video. In the meantime, I also suggest Emma's videos on stretches for the spiral (because I used to take figure skating and that also boosted my flexibility).
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