Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gimscape (Inkscape x Gimp) - Cpeed Paint!

New speed paint video up... right after a new cover!

This was actually an art request by Nanako who wanted Woohyun x Sungyeol (of Infinite). And what better way to couple a kpop pairing... with a software pairing? Anyways- this is my first time doing a personal project with Inkscape (outside of practice) and the first time I ever screen recorded it. Inkscape is fairly self explanatory if you've used other softwares, but it's so... lacking in enough features that I almost prefer Illustrator (I wish I could try Paint Tool Sai one day... still looking for a good Mac program to drawing lineart).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rania "Masquerade" Dance Cover

Breaking news...! I have a new kpop dance cover?!

Rania's "Masquerade", split screen version. I finally finally finished it. A solo practice version might be uploaded for practical performance purposes? More heartfelt details and how to do split screen covers below:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

GIMP: How to Postcard, Bonus: Light & Color Theory

New Vlog! I'll admit- for the past year, I was in a terrible terrible artists block, so I'm glad to be finally back producing works again!

This was commissioned during Jpop Summit 2014 and in this video, I'm showing how I create most of these postcards and for some reason talk some color/light theory.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Official TV Debut!

I've officially debuted on TV!
The KPOP San Francisco Regional Contest 2014 is being aired on 24Hr Kpop, channel 32.6 for the next few days (July 24 to July 30), and my performance was aired last night on TV!

24hr Kpop, the TV station that broadcast the contest, also posted up links here. There is also a fancam of my performance here. Anyways, this is a clip of my interview and performance, and the actual full TV show as also been uploaded to Youtube at 7:15. In that show, they also have a freestyle dance break and I'm at 1:09:27.
Here's proof:
Excuse the extreme derpiness, but this is a necessary selca.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer 2014 Dance Cover Contests!

Hi everyone! As most of you probably know- I'm going to be joining multiple dance cover contests this summer! Mostly Jpop and Kpop and this post will be uploading all the lovely videos and how you can support! Thank you so much!

(1) Jpop Summit 2014

-Super Nuko World 
--You can go to my video and like/comment/share/subscribe/fun stuffs as well as the Jpop Summit page to boost my video!

(2) Coverdance Festival
- Before the Dawn (INFINITE)
- Sherlock (SHINee) -
- Breathe (Miss A) -
- I My Me Mine (4MINUTE) -

(3) Palo Alto Kpop Festival
- Love Like Oxygen (SHINee) - watch?v=1YnOK3zW-MAwatch?v=zi60dPJq8ak
- Love is Move (Secret) -
- Goodbye Baby (Miss A) -
- Bad Girl Good Girl (Miss A) -

In the meantime, these are my other social media links!
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Facebook - Resachiic
Twitter @resachiic
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